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Hold an Estate Sale

We are here to help

Are you in the process of deciding what to do with your valued items as you or a loved one goes through a relocation? We understand it can be a very daunting and overwhelming task. It is for this reason there is an ever increasing demand for estate sale services. At Hall's Appraisals and Estate sales we aim to make your experience enjoyable, easy and handled with the upmost care. 


With our help you will be able to focus on your time of change while we help to take care of the rest. This includes having our experienced and reliable team managing the followings aspects of getting your items sold: 


  • One on one meeting with you the client to review the project 

  • Assess the values and suggest a marketing approach that meets your specific needs

  • An on site sale and complete organization including pricing, tagging and display

  • Removal of no value and unwanted items

  • Coordination with specialist appraisers when necessary for coins, stamps, vehicles etc. 

  • Selecting a date for sale

  • Marketing of sale through extensive mail list, flyer distribution in local areas, signage, newspaper ads and our own illustrated website promotion

  • Arrangement for dispersal of unsold items after the sale to charity 

  • Cleaning of premises

  • All accounting supplied within 10 days and dispersal of proceeds from our Trust Account 

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