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  • Marcie Brown

Taking Care of your Oriental Rug

In case you are as much of a fan as we are of beautiful hand knotted Oriental rugs here are a few tips to help keep them lasting long and looking great. These rugs can survive centuries when properly cared for. Here are few tips to cleaning and caring for the rugs you own and love.

Rotation - Frequently rotate your rugs to ensure that they have equal exposure to both wear contact and sunlight. This will help keep them looking better longer.

Washing - Oriental rugs should be washed regularly every three to five years. Never clean them chemically or with steam because this can remove the natural oils and weaken the pile. Also no machine washing, wringing or squeezing. Surface cleaning and air drying flat on a towel on hung is the best way to ensure your rugs get the full life out of them.

Beating - One of best cleaning methods is beating several times on each side during dry weather.

Dealing with stubborn stains - For chewing gum press ice cubes against spot, wait until the gum becomes brittle and breaks off. For glue saturate the spot with a cloth soaked in vinegar or alcohol. For candle wax place a brown paper bag over the spot, put a hot iron over the paper and wait a few seconds until the wax is absorbed onto the paper. Repeat if necessary - do not leave the iron on any one spot to long, it can burn the fibres. For ink saturate the spot with hairspray, allow it to dry and brush lightly with a water and vinegar solution.

When in doubt don't be afraid to contact the carpet cleaning professionals, the better you can care for your rugs the longer they will last. And these hand knotted beauties deserve it.

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